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Whether the income from your pension, or the return on your investment, is a bonus or an onus, we can recommend the right product for your individual needs...

Everyone is different, has a particular set of assets, unique responsibilities and their own attitude to risk.  That is why we always start with a full fact-finding meeting, where we explore all of these factors.  It is only once we understand where you are and where you would like to be, that we can begin to assess how we can get you there.

Many people that we meet already have an assortment of pensions – often merely bags full of paperwork! – which may or may not be suitable for their current and future needs.  We can make sense of all of this, analyse your present portfolio of assets, and recommend possible changes.

Whether the course of action that we put before you is a simple amalgamation – to benefit from certain economies of scale – or a radical rethink, we will always explain everything clearly and comprehensively (as well as setting out any associated fees) and gain your approval before we act on your behalf.

For a detailed, confidential and without-obligation exploration of your pension opportunities and investment needs, steer your course towards a discussion with Compass today.

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