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Your family’s quality of life depends on your continued health. We can help maintain that standard, no matter what happens

There are few things more precious than your family’s quality of life – the house you live in, the activities you enjoy, the holidays you take.  All of this depends on your continued ability to earn.  It’s not a pleasant circumstance to consider, but what would actually happen if you or your spouse were ill or injured long-term?  Could you survive on Statutory Sick Pay?

At Compass, we can discuss this with you, in a relaxed manner, in the comfort of your own home, and work out how best to protect your family’s lifestyle, whatever illness or injury may occur.  Every family’s needs and list of priorities are different, so we talk through yours – and your budget – in detail.  Then it is up to you to decide if you want to go ahead. 

We also review your needs with you as time goes on.  Whether time brings a child, or more children, or a new house, or a different job, or if your priorities change in any one of a hundred ways, we are here to discuss, and, if necessary, to amend your cover accordingly.

If we sound like the sort of advisers that you could imagine talking to about these delicate but vital matters, then please navigate towards Compass today.

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