Equity Release

That holiday of a lifetime, home improvements, helping your children on the property ladder, your grandchildren’s school fees – in the right circumstances, Equity Release can make all of these dreams come true

For homeowners over the age of 55, Equity Release can be a great way to use your financial resources to benefit you and your family right now.  Why should you compromise your own lifestyle when you have so much money tied up in your house?  Why should your children wait to inherit well beyond their time of need?

“I’m too old to have a new kitchen!”

No, you’re not.  Why not enjoy life to the full now?  Our Equity Release specialist, Nikki Pilling, is a member of the Equity Release Council (ERC), which means that all of the products we offer are approved by the ERC and come with a “no negative equity” guarantee.

If you have been thinking about Equity Release for a while, or you would simply like to know how much money you could realise, please take advantage of Nikki’s experience.  She is passionate about making people’s dreams come true – but only if the circumstances are right.

For a detailed, confidential and without-obligation discussion of the part that Equity Release could play in your and your family’s enhanced lifestyle, please contact Nikki today.

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