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If you could ensure that your business would thrive no matter what happened to its key people – and put the cost of doing so through the business...

If you own or run a business, the chances are that your continued health – and that of a few of your colleagues – is key to your company’s success.  What would actually happen to your company if you were seriously injured or sick long-term?  Have you discussed with your business partner what would happen if either of you died?

Most businesses do not have protection.  Most don’t want to think about it.  But you can take steps to protect your income stream and your company’s future, and put the cost of such cover through the business in a tax efficient way.

At Compass, we are experts in talking to businesses of all sizes, who want to take a responsible approach to their future and their continued success.  We have arranged individualised cover for companies from one-man bands, through partnerships, small or medium-sized enterprises, to larger, more complex organisations.

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