How we are paid

We have a reputation for friendliness and transparency: all of our clients know exactly how we are paid from the beginning of our engagement with them

Step One: Transparency

In order to take advice from a stranger, you need to trust them.  One of the many ways in which we build this trust with our clients is by explaining exactly how we get paid at the outset.  Whether we charge a fee – as for mortgages – or we get commission from the provider, you will know the details from day one.

Step Two: Competition

We know that we are in competition with other advisers, and that, however friendly and transparent we are, no one is going to pay more than they need to.  With a nationwide network of financial expertise behind us, we have access to some of the most competitive deals available, so we are confident that all of our propositions for you will be extremely good value.

Step Three: Completion

You are welcome to ask us questions, listen to what we say, and then walk away.  We are only paid on the completion of a piece of business.  With mortgages, for example, we only earn our fee, which is billed via the solicitor, upon completion.

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